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Secrets of Main Computer Hardwares

In this article we will discuss about RAM, Power Supply and Motherboard. Basically These Three hardwares makes a PC alive to work for us. So lets start

"first of All we will discuss about RAM."

What is RAM and why a PC needs It.
RAM stands for Random Access Memory and is the most common type of memory used in computers. A computer's RAM is the memory used to store data and programs on a temporary basis. The RAM is compared to short-term memory, 
as it stores applications and information that is actively used while the system is on.In comparison, the hard drive, the long-term memory, stores all programs and information permanently,whether the computer is on or not. 
The amount of RAM directly affects a computer’s performance. It makes computer faster.
random access memory

What is Power-Supply and why Computer Needs It.
A power supply is a component that supplies power to at least one electric load. Typically, it converts one type of electrical power to another, but it may also convert a a different form of energy - such as solar, mechanical, or chemical - into electrical energy.A power supply provides components with electric power. 
The term usually pertains to devices integrated within the component being powered. For example, computer power supplies convert AC current to DC current and are generally located at the rear of the computer case, along with at least one fan.
power supply

What is Motherboard and why a System needs it?
The motherboard is a large printed circuit board, which has lots of chips, connectors and other electronics mounted on it. Computer nerds simply call it a board. Inside the PC, data is constantly being exchanged between or via the various devices Most of the data exchange takes place onthe motherboard itself, where all the components are connected to each other:

Below in Diagram I have shown each and everything about Motherboard. 


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